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  • Subinkrishna Gopi 8:53 pm on November 30, 2009 Permalink |
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    The evolution of internet ! 

    I was reading Smashing Magazine and I was really surprised to see the very first web page written by Tim Berners Lee! I don’t need to tell you the kind of impact internet and World wide web do have in out lives. And it all started from this simple page written by Tim.

    Read the article here. The article takes us through different stages of internet evolution. Have a nice read.

    First web page:

    Article page:

  • Subinkrishna Gopi 10:45 am on June 19, 2009 Permalink |
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    Today’s read: 10 Ways To Make Your Site Accessible Using Web Standards 

    Smashing Magazine

    A Smashing Magazine article on making a website accessible using web standards. Nice read.

    Let’s take a look at 10 ways to improve the accessibility of your XHTML website by making it standards-compliant. We’ll go the extra mile and include criteria that fall beyond the standards set by the W3C but which you should follow to make your website more accessible. Each section lists the criteria you need to meet, explains why you need to meet them and gives examples of what you should and shouldn’t do.

    Read the article here: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/06/18/10-ways-to-make-your-site-accessible-using-web-standards/

  • Subinkrishna Gopi 11:05 am on February 27, 2009 Permalink |
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    Today’s read: Portfolio design 

    Smashing Magazine

    This is a very interesting topic – How to design a good portfolio?. For me, it’s all about promoting self as a brand and showcasing it. And everyone should be careful enough while doing that.  Just think about the portfolio website of a web designer with invalid code! That’s not the coolest thing.

    This Smashing Magazine article tells us the 10 steps to the perfect portfolio website.

    You may have a personal portfolio website for a number of reasons. If you’re a freelancer, then you’d need one to showcase your work and allow people to contact you. If you’re a student (or unemployed), then you’d need one to show prospective employers how good you are and what you can do, so that they might hire you. If you’re part of a studio, then you might use one to blog about your design life, show people what you’re doing and build your online presence.

    Read the article

    Some releated articles
    Creating a successful online portfolio
    50 beautiful and creative portfolio websites

    Have a nice read.

  • Subinkrishna Gopi 10:31 am on February 12, 2009 Permalink |
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    How-To: Create a WAR file using ANT 

    In one of my previous posts I mentioned about building a JAR using ANT.  This post – building a WAR (Web Application Archive) – is just an add-on to that.

    Structure of a WAR file

    |-- META-INF
    |  |-- manifest.mf
    |-- WEB-INF
    |  |-- web.xml   - deployment descriptor
    |  |-- classes   - class files organized in packages
    |  |-- lib       - other libraries
    |-- <other files, directories etc.>

    Deployment descriptor
    This is a sample deployment descriptor from Java Servlet Specification version 2.4. Get the descriptor (.pdf)

    Build file

    <project name="my.enterprise.project" default="build.my.war">
    <property name="deploy.dir" value="/my/deploy/dir" />
    <property name="file.name" value="Application.war" />
      <target name="build.my.war">
        <fileset dir="contents">
          <include name="**/*"/>
        <war destfile="${file.name}" webxml="conf/web.xml">
          <classes dir="bin" />
        <echo>Copying ${file.name}...</echo>
        <copy file="${file.name}" todir="${deploy.dir}" />
        <delete file="${file.name}" />

    The above build file assumes that all the non-java resources and JSPs are within the “contents” directory. The build file will pick the class files from the “bin” directory within the base. Here the build file is not compiling existing source files. To compile Java files there is another ANT task –  javac.

    <javac srcdir="src" destdir="bin" classpathref="application.classpath"/>

    Add the javac task before the war task in the build file.

    Defining the class path

    <path id="application.classpath">
       <fileset dir="/path/to/my/lib">
          <include name="javax.servlet.jar"/>

    Define the path before the target – build.my.war.

    Read more

  • Subinkrishna Gopi 4:22 pm on February 11, 2009 Permalink |
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    Another JBoss 5 hack by Venu 


    Venu had another JBoss hack and he was able to fix one more issue that may bubble up during the migration from JBoss 4.x to 5. This time found out how solve “Adding multiple last resources is disallowed. Current resource is ….” exception which happens while trying to access an EJB from a different EAR with in a transaction and trying to commit that transaction.

    Read the article here

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