Things I learned in the past 6 years!

And finally I decided to change the first job I ever had! The last six years taught me a lot of lessons – good, bad & ugly ones.

Note: The characters/incidents in this story are almost real.

So, here it goes:

  • If you are not an expert in multitasking, hmm… better you learn it. You are supposed learn how to zip your pants while tying your shoes!
  • There are three ways to solve a problem. A simple way, a difficult way & a stupid way.
  • Communication is always two-way. If someone mails you for a help, replying “Go to hell!” is much better than not replying at all.
  • A Jailor can never be a Florist, and vice versa.
  • Be cool or pretend to be cool. No one can tell the difference, almost every time.
  • Spend more time with family, not in office. After all we all are human beings & social animals.
  • Submit your financial claims properly, you will end up paying for official trips otherwise. Well… I’m paying the EMIs, still.
  • Listen to your wife/girl friend(s), they do talk sense… sometimes.

Okay. If you are person who thinks python is a big scary snake & looking at eclipse is a taboo, you can stop reading. Because the following is for those who loves to tame the python with eclipse.

  • Respect NullPointerException. They can pop up anytime in your code, even if you are James Gosling or Joshua Bloch.
  • Try to write code that humans can understand.
  • Java != JavaScript. Many “technical” managers will not agree it though.
  • If your Hello, World! program don’t run, don’t expect your space-ship program to compile. (Courtesy: Vasu)