Thoughts: Creativity

I normally don’t post non-technical stuff in this blog. But in fact this blog is a way to share what I feel and what touches my mind. And that need not be technical every time.

And I’m talking about this post “The ‘void’ for creativity in organization”, from Head to heart a blog by Sajeev, a friend of mine.

There are several reasons why I liked this post and why I’m recommending this one to you.

1. I strongly believe in creativity and I’m a big fan of smart creations.
2. According to me, most of the people do not dare to experiment or they are forced not to.
3. We sell ideas, we sell creations, we sell innovations, we sell solutions and that’s why we are being called software developers. And creativity is a part of our daily bread.

Creativity is a buzzword these days and there are all these tools, frame works and thinking techniques to make people and organizations more and more creative (and innovative of course..). But how successful are they? How many organizations really are creative? How many dumb people have been transformed in to creative geniuses by these techniques?

Source: Head to heart

Have a nice read.