Today’s read – Getting started with Ruby on rails

railsI was a bit busy – last two weeks – with my personal life. So I could not put more effort in writing the next chapter of my OSGi series and any new stories.

Today in Smashing Magazine I found an article on “Getting Started With Ruby On Rails” which I think will be very useful for the wanna be Rails geeks or enthusiasts like me. I just started reading it. This is the first one of the two part series on Ruby on rails.

You can read the article here.

If you’re a Web developer who’s been curious about Ruby on Rails but has never gotten around to trying it out because you couldn’t find a suitable overview of its advantages, then this article is for you.

We want to bring Ruby on Rails closer to those who want to take a peek first, without going through an entire tutorial. So, this article is structured a little different from most other introductions out there; hopefully it is more useful because of this.

Update: Beginner’s Guide To Ruby On Rails: Part 2

I assume you’re already familiar with some other form of Web development, whether PHP, Python, Perl or Java, and relational databases like MySQL. First, we’ll introduce Rails and Ruby and the basic ideas behind both. I’ll teach you just enough Ruby so that you understand the code samples. I’ll tell you how to get Ruby on Rails running on your computer, and I’ll give you an overview of the basic functionality of Rails and demonstrate how Rails’ main parts work together.

After reading these parts, you should have an idea of whether Rails is for you. If you get the feeling that it is, I’ll point you to some good tutorials on the Web that you can use to learn Rails. I’ll also provide a lot of further reading recommendations so you can dig as deep into the topic as you like.

Read the article here: