Farming service & JBoss 5


First of all, I would like to thank whitelassiblog for bringing this to my notice. You can see his comment here on my post.

As I never did any JBoss clustering in my life, I searched (in fact “Googled“) for it. And I found a small & nice article on it.

What is the farm service ?

That is hot-deploying the application archive file (e.g., the EAR, WAR or SAR file) in the all/farm/ directory of any of the cluster members, will cause the application to be automatically duplicated across all nodes in the same cluster.

If node joins the cluster later, it will pull in all farm deployed applications in the cluster and deploy them locally at start-up time. If you delete the application from one of the running cluster server node’s farm/ folder, the application will be undeployed locally and then removed from all other cluster server nodes farm folder (triggers undeployment.) You should manually delete the application from the farm folder of any server node not currently connected to the cluster.

Read this article here:

But in JBoss 5 this feature is not available.

Unfortunately this replacement for farming is not ready available for AS 5.0.0.GA. The Farm Service’s function of replicating deployment archives between file systems will not be maintained.

At the moment the easiest solution to deploy a JBoss application on JBoss AS 5 is creating a script which copies the file on all the “deploy” folder of your Nodes.

Hope this helps.