Top mobile applications of 2007

Fierce Mobile Content - Top Mobile Apps 2007 

Fierce Mobile Content announced the Top mobile applications of 2007.

What a difference a year makes. When FierceMobileContent inaugurated its Top App Awards in the autumn of 2006, the emphasis was squarely on the entertainment and multimedia applications then revolutionizing the mobile platform. Twelve months later, mobile subscribers have evolved from consumers to prosumers, and instead of watching video clips and listening to music, they’re socializing, shopping and searching. Content consumption is out and content creation is in–after all, why watch videos when you can upload your own?


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Top 3 Applications

1) 3jam SMS 2.0, Company: 3jam
Why it’s a Top App: 3jam SMS 2.0 expands the scope of text messaging from one-to-one dialogue to multi-party communication, in effect transforming texting from “reply” to “reply all.”

2) Anthem, Company: Intercasting

3) Digby, Company: 30 Second Software
Why it’s a Top App: Attention, shoppers. Digby transforms the mobile commerce experience from ring tones to roses, enabling consumers to purchase real-world goods like flowers, candy and wine directly from their mobile devices.