Long Running Web Process (LRWP) in the Java Platform using GlassFish

Today while surfing the net I found this article in Sun’s website. I thought this will be useful to some of us. According to the web site, LRWP is,

“The Long Running Web Process (LRWP) is a protocol used by a web server to communicate with its peers. LRWP is similar to CGI, but faster, since the peer is persistent across requests. In LRWP, a TCP connection is established between the LRWP peer and a LRWP agent. The LRWP agent could be the web container or a process running within the web container and the LRWP peer could be any process running on a network. The LRWP peer at connection registers the web context that the peer is interested in. The web context could be any context, such as “/osp”, “/tep”, or “/cgi-bin” itself. When a request for that context is made, the agent transfers the input to the LRWP peer and sends the output from the peer back to the web client. The LRWP agent should also be able to support multiple peers concurrently, and each peer makes a connection and registers the context it is interested in. “

You can read this article here.