Microsoft & Open source

Guys, this is not a joke. Microsoft website says:

“Microsoft is focused on helping customers and partners succeed in a heterogeneous technology world. This starts with participating and contributing to a broad range of choices for developing and deploying software, including open source approaches and applications. From thousands of lines of code and scripts on MSDN and TechNet, to open source applications like IronPython, ASP.NET AJAX, SharePoint Learning Kit, and WiX on CodePlex and SourceForge, Microsoft is continually growing the number of products released with open source access.

By embracing diverse application development and business models, Microsoft provides a world of choice in which individuals and organizations can pursue their goals based on what uniquely inspires them. Whether you are a developer who wants to learn new skills, connect with the community, or build a business—or a systems administrator dealing with complex interoperability and business demands—Microsoft participates in an ecosystem that offers you the tools, resources, and programs to help you succeed.”

We wanted to create a foundation for development, knowing we couldn’t address the challenges of every developer or project. Open Sourcing the software was the best way to support adoption and ongoing development of ASP.NET AJAX.”
—Shawn Burke, Director, .NET Developer Platform